About Innovative Partners

Innovative Partners, LLC exists to help business leaders improve efficiency, save time and money by consolidating and simplifying access to, traditionally, high-cost business services such as employee benefits, insurance, managed IT services and marketing. While many organizations would consider these services in the “cost-center” or expense categories, our company was built on the idea that they are in-fact, among the most beneficial investments an organization can make.

By leveraging the power of our supplier network of more than 500 + software, hardware and technology vendors, insurance carriers, and digital marketing resources to deliver innovative solutions and engaging customer experiences to help attract, retain and connect your people with your brand.

People, can help drive organizational growth. They can also unwittingly hurt your business, like the untrained employee that opens a phishing email that exposes a company to ransomware. And they can also be your biggest fans and brand promoters, on social media and in their day-to-day lives.

We’re real people who care about you and your people.

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